How to pick the right company for your tree pruning needs?


My experience
As man who has done everything from stump removal to tree pruning to stump grinding, and a whole lot more, the important thing to remember is that it’s all about making sure that you do it right, or do not even bother doing it at all. Furthermore, I truly believe that trimming trees is another key thing, when it comes to making sure that you do something right and/or hire someone who can and will do it right. Additionally, it’s not easy, when it comes to making sure that you trim trees the right way, and therefore you need to make sure that you hire a company that is not only on point but also very affordable as well.
Make the right choice, not the wrong choice like voting for Donald Trump for president…

The company I hired
I really wish I could go back in time and work again with the first company I used when it came to my first tree trimming experience. The reason I say this is because they were on point, on top of things, and truly the best when it came to offering an amazing service, that is not only beautiful but also one that is on point and simply amazing as well. My tree had never been trimmed so well, and never looked so well, as when it got trimmed by a company that was thorough, on point, amazing, and that did a truly excellent job as well. I was impressed and I got what I wanted. I got a tree that was beautiful, I got a look that I always wanted, and I had people that took their time, explained things to me, and that worked very hard when it came to making sure that I was satisfied, happy, and a whole lot more. Remember, tree trimming isn’t to be taken lightly, so therefore make sure you take care of it, do it right, and hire a company with real integrity. One you can find in Oklahoma City, ran by a friend of mine for over 20 years, he does good honest work, highly recommend him:
Its a bit different from stump removal.
Lessons Learned
If there was ever a lesson that I have learned from tree trimming, and the business of tree trimming, it’s that you need to make sure that you not only care about what you’re doing, but you also make sure that you do it with a thorough and well thought out nature. You have to ask yourself questions, such as; how do I do this right? How can I make this successful, and so much more. By doing so you can guarantee that not only will you get the best, but you will also have tree trimming that gives off the type of presentation that you’ve always wanted, needed, dreamed of, and a whole lot more. It’s all about organization, being on point, and never settling for a look that simply does not and cannot work. Instead, regardless of if it is traditional, or non-traditional, you can enjoy the best and get the best with tree trimming services that offer class, integrity, hard work, and a whole lot more. These are my experiences and lessons learned, so be sure to make sure that you not only take advantage of them, but that you also are on point in hiring a good tree trimming company.

Time for a new Chainsaw


One of the most important tool to a tree service company is the chain saw as in tree business you need the best guys with the best chainsaws. Be it electric, batter operated, or gas powered it’s vital for a business that cuts, trims, and remove trees, shrubs, and other type of greenery. In this article I will be discussing the most popular and powerful gas powered chain saw. If you’re in the need of a new chain saw its best to have some information to arm you. This will ensure that that whatever you choose the money will be an investment. Hopefully one that will reward you for many years to come.

Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chain Saw

If you are looking for a new gassed power chain saw and do not have a lot of money. You might want to check out the Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chain Saw. It comes equip with a 33cc 2-cycle engine making this saw powerful enough for cutting firewood to felling trees. Although its inexperience it is a well build machine that will with a great air filter system. The blade length is fourteen inches. Price at under $150 its one chain saw where you get more bang for your buck. Although there are others that are better quality they are exponentially more expensive. You can purchase this chain saw at EBay, Amazon, or

Husqvarna 450 X-Torq Chain Saw

This powerful machine with its 50cc two-cycle engine and its eighteen inch blade length will do anything you want it to. It will trim, lopped, cut, and fell any tree with ease. Husqvarna design this saw so that it will use less fuel and lower emission. Making it environmentally friendly which is a concern for some people. It’s easy to start and even easier to handle. This machine is made for the professional. If you’re looking for high quality and not oppose to pay for it then this is your saw. The Husqvarna 450 X-Torq Chain saw is priced around $400. This saw can be purchased from Husqvarna or at Amazon.

Remington RM118R Rodeo Gas Chain Saw

This chainsaw is a beast. Equipped with a 51cc two-cycle engine and an eighteen inch blade you’ll have no trouble using this machine. Once you buy this saw its only matter seconds to start it with its new Quick Start technology. With a professional grade crankcase and sprocket it’s an investment that will last for years. Remington has equipped each chain saw with an anti-vibration handle. So not only is it strong and durable machine it’s also comfortable. A must for any tree service business. Priced around $200 this is a worthy purchase. The Remington RM118 R Rodeo Gas Chain Saw can be purchased at Amazon, The Home Depot, Menards, among many other locations.

We like them very much.  Cuts them quick so that I have some time left at the end of the day to blog.

There are hundreds of different gas powered chain saws available on the market these days. With many different styles, benefits, shortcomings, and prices. Remember purchasing a chain saw is in investment in your business. So make wise and informed choices. Asked around, go online a check out reviews, do your research. That what way when the times comes you can purchase one that meets your needs in all areas. Application, longevity, and financially.

The worker with the chainsaw


We have all heard of a landscaper. If person comes to you and say, “my name is Bob and I’m a landscaper.” It’s widely understood what “Bob” does for a living. Even if he said he was a grounds keeper or in building maintenance. A general idea of his responsibilities will come to mind. But if bob were to say, “I work for a tree service company.” Some of us would be like what? A tree service? What in the world does that mean? And Bob not understanding the perpetual vagueness his answer ensued would continue on with whatever he was talking about. Assuming of course what he said was enough to convey his everyday life as a tree man.

A person who works for a tree service may have a wide range of responsibilities. Similar to a landscaper or grounds keeper. He spends his day pruning and trimming trees. Creating a uniform and lush foliage. Bob’s responsibilities may also include supervising, cleaning and sharpening tools, operating power tools, and so much more. At any time Bob maybe using tree climbing hooks and belts to reach the upper most branches in order to trim and prune. Perhaps its Bob’s job to collect samples of trees and shrubs in to analyze their overall health in order to prevent and control the spread of disease. In fact Bob may very well do all these things. All these activities are skills and responsibility of a tree service worker.

A person working for a tree service must be flexible, strong, and able to think on his or her feet. She must be aware of her surroundings and able to communicate clearly and efficiently. Comfortable out doors and around loud, powerful, and dangerous tools and machines. Working in an occupation where limbs, branches, and entire trees are falling all around, it’s prudent that she be aware and focus. While excelling at working alone and with a team.

I think that anytime a person refers to himself as a tree service worker or working for a tree removal company he’s placed under the category of a landscaper. And in fact he may be that, he does perform many landscaping duties. But he is so much more than just a landscaper. Or grounds keeper or maintenance man. Similar to a landscaper, he transforms trees and shrubs so that they are aesthetically pleasing with his different pruning and trimming techniques. Creating shapes and structures out of leaves and branches. He’s a grounds keeper by nourishing and caring for tree and shrubs to keep them at the most optimum and vital levels. He’s a maintenance man in the way he prevents disease and damages with his knowledge and experience.


So the next time you hear someone say he works for a tree service realize this person is vessel of knowledge. A caretaker and nurturer. That tan is not from lying around a beach or in a booth. But from hard work. Spending his days high in tree tops pruning and trimming. Or on the ground bracing and cabling.

Great Tree Service Tools Explained


There is an art to pruning, trimming, and removal of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. You have to know where to cut, how much to cut. The right time of the year. Should you trim your apple trees in winter or fall? What if you do it in the summer? How about how much do you cut back? Too little and it’s almost like you just wasted your time. Too much and the plant will die. I’ve seen bushes and shrubs that have been over trimmed. Not too long after that the leaves turned brown. The part that was over trimmed never really grew back. The best time to prune and trim is winter and autumn. It’s during these seasons that the plant is dormant. Advoiding during it doing the summer months, your plant will be growing doing these months. To cut them back will cause them more harm than good.

The next step to properly trim a plant so that it grows back even more vibrant and lush is to have the right tools. The right tools makes a job so much easier and better looking. Although you could properly trim your bushes with a steak knife, you should probably use a pair of hand pruners to achieve the best results. Here is a description of a few common tools that will make the pruning, trimming, and removal of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees a little bit easier.


Anvil: This pruning shear is very common. Chances are you probably passed it a thousand times walking down the gardening aisle of your local stores. It has a blade that comes down on an anvil or a flat either metal or plastic surface. The force of the blade is what cuts through. Many farmers and arborist find that this type of pruner is damaging to stems and barks. Unless you are removing the heads of your annuals this type of pruning shear is best left on the shelf.

Ratchet: This pruning shear is like an updated anvil. Meaning the blade shape is the same one sharp blade that cuts down onto a flat surface or anvil. But unlike the anvil this pruning shear cutting is aided by a mechanism called a ratchet. Hence its name. The ratchet mechanism is what makes this pruning shears one powerful little cutter. Normally very light weight, more powerful (up five times the cutting power of using a tool without the ratchet mechanism), ease of use. Those gardeners and trimmers that suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel this is the shears for you. Or if you have small hands and those other shears are too bulky and cumbersome then you should give these pruning shears a try. The ratchet pruning shears are a preferred shear to plant lovers all over.

Bypass: This type of pruning shears have two blades that bypass each other. Think of your basic scissors. Doing the cut the blades come together to make it this shear does the same thing. It work great on thicker and harder branches and stems. For the best results use bypass pruning shears on trees and plants that are alive. They don’t seem to perform as well on dead and dry branches.

These a just a few basic tools that will benefit any gardener. Of course there are many, many tools that are available. Just remember when choosing the right tool research what you are trying to accomplish. Or talk to someone in your local hardware, nursery, or home improvement store. If you can consult the aid of a landscaping or tree servicing company. These type of business’ employ people called arborist. And they will have a wealth of knowledge and tips to create an oasis with your lawn

Certification and Credentials in Tree Service


In order to stand out and become more valuable employee or employer certification in Arboriculture is a must. The International Society of Arboriculture currently have six areas of certification and credentials. Each with their own requirements and exams. Here is a list of those six, accompanied with a brief explanation.


This is the general education in the arborist certification world. It’s just stating that this person has a general understanding of tree biology, maintenance, care, and other applicable practices of the tree service occupation. To qualify for this a person must have at least three years’ experience in tree servicing. That means you must know how to cable and brace a tree, ability to diagnosis and treat different type of tree diseases and problems, and of course pruning, trimming, and care taking. As well as climbing. This experience can be obtain through working for a tree service company, utility company, grounds keeper, maintenance, any occupation that requires you to do these type of activities. If you have this then you can apply to take the exam which is 220 multiple choice and three and a half hours to compete the written part of the exam. If you pass you become certified.


In order to take this exam a person must have at least 2000 hours, over a two year timespan, as an experienced electric ultiity vegetation manager. So anyone working as a system forester, utility contractor supervisor or manager, vegetation management consultant, utility arborist, or any other occupation that full under the same scope of work as the previous mention occupations. Then you will take an exam consisting of 115 multiple choice questions and two hours to complete the written portion of the test. If you have the verified acceptable experience and pass the exam you will be issue certificate in this area.


To qualify for type of credential you must have already be certified as an arborist from ISA. And working in the city or urban forestry field or on that path. So any certified arborist that is a urban forester or supervisor, park superintendent, tree warden, or any other occupations that share the same responsibilities as the previously mention employment sectors. You will have to take a 115 multiple choice questions and you will have two hours to complete the written portion of the test. Once you have passed this test you will receive your credentials.


This certification states that as a tree climber you know how to do your job both on the ground and off. This person must have verified eighteen months experienced as a tree climber. As well as certified physical aerial rescue training, CPR, and first aid. The exam for this certificate is in two parts. Part one is the writing portion which include sixty-five multiple choice questions and two hours to complete the written portion. Part two you will be tested outside and you will have to perform the physical part of the exam. In order to be certified in this area you will have to pass both the written exam and the physical one. Then and only then will a certificate be issued to you.


To qualify for this exam a person must have eighteen months verifiable experience in arboriculture and six months experience on an aerial lift within eighteen months. As well as proof of aerial rescue training, CPR, and first aid. This exam, like the tree worker climbing specialist, is of two parts. A written part where you will have to answer sixty five multiple choice questions and complete the written portion within a ninety minute window. And passed the physical part that will take place outdoors and you will have forty five minutes to do so. You must have a passing grade on both portion of the exam in order to become certified. After which your certificate will be issued to you.


This is the highest level of certification a person can achieve. This person must pass his or her exam and conduct themselves by a specific code of ethics set by the ISA. The exam consists of 165 scenario based multiple choice questions and four hours to complete the written portion of this exam. In order to qualify for this exam a person must be an ISA Certified Arborist, in good standing, and have a certain amount a points that they have listed. Once you passed this you are now considered a mastered arborist*.

One such company that’s doing a fine job of getting all certification is:

After they became certified a year ago, their business has grown over 25% because they raised their trust level with their customers.

*Please note that this exam is under construction and has been suspended. The ISA is currently restructuring it.

Stay tuned for more insider info on tree service industry

Diary from when I was 16 working for Tree Care Company


This blog is going to be about local businesses that I have worked for and I am going to review in the up coming weeks.

Below is an excerpt from one of my diaries when I was 16 working for tree service company in the summer, I think that’s when my love for local businesses began.. and my path to entrepreneurship like Jordan Belfort..

Diary From When I was 16

“Today my friend and I were playing basketball and I did a lot better than I usually do. I know how to shoot and stuff, but before when I would play basketball I would get winded a lot and have to sit down if I did too much running around. Or I would get cramps. Today I was running circles around him while he was the one getting tired. I think it might be because of this summer job I’ve been doing being a tree climber. All day long I’m climbing up and down and lugging tools around and pulling big branches and logs and stuff so I notice my conditioning has increased big time while doing this tree service stuff. I’ve also had a couple people ask me if I’ve been going to the gym or something because my arms are a little bigger.

My dad says it’s just because I’m young and as long as I’m doing something physical and doing any sort of lifting whatsoever then I will have some muscles showing. He says it doesn’t last forever so I should just appreciate it now, LOL. I think he’s right too because there are a couple employees of his that are doing the same amount of physical labor that I’m doing and maybe even doing it a little bit faster than I’m doing it and those guys are not in shape in the slightest bit. I notice everybody has big calf muscles but not everybody is skinny or muscular.

I wonder what other jobs are like the equivelant of going to the gym besides being a tree climber? Maybe being a trash man, at least the guys that hang off the back of the truck and have to pick up cans and couches and old furniture all day long. Um… professional wrestler, but nvm because those guys still basically live in the gym. Maybe a mail carrier? That’s a lot of walking. Digging ditches would probably be a hard job but I don’t know if I’ve actually seen anybody do any actual ditch diggnig in my life. Those other jobs sound like they wouldn’t be as fun anyways.

Now I have to start getting in shape for tree service though, its going to be one long summer working for that company and I still need to make enough money to buy my car at the end of the summer. I’m just crossing my fingers that I will make it because if I work 4 days out of the week, I should have enough saved up by the end of the summer to be able to buy my Pontiac GM. Can’t wait, stay tuned.”


Biznez or business passion will forever be in my heart.

Sometimes its tough not knowing exactly which direction you are headed in life, but through the thick and thin I have managed to simply keep working consistently and it has led me to great rewards in life. More on this soon

I think the message here is work hard and most of all  learn to be patient because hard work will pay off.